Person with knowledge of gas piping and appliances needed

Person with knowledge of gas piping and appliances needed

13 Jul 2020

Person with knowledge of gas piping and appliances needed

My name is Jared and I'm in charge of a small company with a huge reputation that is in need of some dependable, dedicated and hard working help. we may be small but we do a big business due to our outstanding reputation in the community. We always do an excellent job no matter what.

We are looking for an individual that is hard working, motivated, dedicated, and dependable. we need someone with a willingness to learn and the drive to always do a good job. We do not need someone who jumps from job to job trying to find themselves or who is always looking for the next best thing. If you are this person you need not apply. This job takes a while to learn so and we need someone who will take that time to learn and become a team player as it takes our whole team at times to accomplish our goal. With that being said we are just a small team. Come July 20th it will only be myself and one other man. We don't offer any benefits other than an insurance plan that we could get you on after a period of time to see if you are going to stay on with us and work out.

So on to what we do. We install gas piping and gas appliances. If it runs on natural gas or propane we install it. Gas logs, ranges, water heaters, pool heaters, furnaces, dryers, grills, firepits, lanterns, generators we do it all. We do mostly residential with a little light commercial thrown in there for good measure. Every now and then we'll take on a larger commercial job given we have the time to do so. We design and build our systems on site as every home and business is different. We cut and thread our own pipe on site so each system is a custom made masterpiece (Just so you know we do consider some of our systems masterpieces. It's just the type of people we are and the pride we take in what we do. We are known as the best and wish to remain known as the best). we work with a number of different types of pipe. We work mainly with black iron threaded pipe and fittings. we also use flexible gas piping known as CSST a lot. We do underground gas piping on a pretty regular basis which is the yellow plastic pipe similar to pex pipe. we use pex piping on the water heaters we replace and/or install. We use flared soft copper tubing at times also. And on rare occasions on those larger commercial jobs I mentioned earlier we use welded black iron but those times are few and far between. We also use PVC and sheet metal pipe on a fairly regular basis to vent gas appliances.

Some experience in the field would be a huge bonus but is not necessarily required as we will train you in our way of doing things. What is required is a good attitude, a willingness to work with others and learn from others, pride in what you do, dedication and a strong work ethic. You will need to have a drivers license and dependable transportation. Some of your own hand tools would also be a bonus but not required as you can purchase these along the way as you see what we commonly use (channel locks of a couple of different sizes, adjustable wrenches, pipe wrenches of different sizes, tubing cutters of a couple of sizes, a hammer, screwdrivers, nut drivers, tin snips and there are other small hand tools that come in handy which you will see as you do the job for a while).

If this job sounds like something you may be interested in be it to learn a new trade or further your knowledge in a trade that you already have experience in yo may contact me by phone @ 423-863-9960(feel free to text). You may send a resume to my email if you would like. Please include contact info on your resume if you choose to send one without calling. I'm looking forward to hearing from some great candidates for these positions!

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