Part Time Sales (El Paso, Tx)

Part Time Sales (El Paso, Tx)

07 Feb 2019

Part Time Sales (El Paso, Tx)

Vacancy expired!


Start your own HBB and take CONTROL of your life

Watch a 10 min Video at

$20 gets you a piece of the $8 Trillion Travel Industry!

Travel 10 is a Private Membership Club that you can join two ways;

1. $10/month to SAVE ...not only on Travel, but also tickets for Concert/Sports&

Amusement Park, Shopping, Office Supplies, Flowers, Gifts etc..... or

(If you use these products, it will literally COST you $100s/year NOT to join!!!!)

2. $20/month to earn income

****BUT****.... for the first FIVE people that call me, I'll offer to pay the Start-Up fee

of $20 for YOU and FOUR of your friends

This is a simple and easy way for you to earn several $1000 in 4-6 weeks simply by talking

to your friends/family and other co-workers that have been laid of (BEFORE Someone else does)!

It might be wise to have a BACK-UP PLAN in place, in case you Lose your J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) job

tomorrow... or to be prepared for the next "Shut-Down"!

If you want to learn more call or text me your e-mail

Hope to hear from you.

Doug Simmons 616-485-7957

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