Hiring AT&T/DIRECTV Door to Door Sales Managers! (Lubbock)

Hiring AT&T/DIRECTV Door to Door Sales Managers! (Lubbock)

11 Jul 2019

Hiring AT&T/DIRECTV Door to Door Sales Managers! (Lubbock)

Vacancy expired!

Here at Millennium Solutions, we've partnered up with AT&T, a Fortune 100 company to bring our customers the finest in in-home entertainment. Tired of 6-month chargebacks with DIRECTV and AT&T for your quality customers? Then you've come to the right place.

Are you one of the best sales representatives or sales managers in your company? Are you really paid what you deserve? Do you do all the hard work while the owner is out on vacation all the time? Do you even know the owner? Because we can promise you that they are probably not out working as hard as you are, knocking doors and grinding. Most owners keep over 60% of every sale that is made in the company, even though managers and sales reps do all of the hard work. We here at Millennium Solutions are looking to change that by paying the best (YOU) the big bucks. Very similar to how franchising works, you build the team and we take care of administration and other various business costs for a percentage that is significantly less than the 50% to 60% that they (a.k.a your boss that is vacationing) take!

So, who are we looking for?

We are looking for top D2D (Door-to-Door) Business partners who want to start their own D2D team and get paid overrides! Someone with great experience, who already has their own team that they can get started with. As a partner, you would be responsible for building and maintaining your teams. The main goal of each team is to acquire new residential customers. This would include following up and visiting potential customers at their residence and reviewing their current entertainment and telecommunication services.

Why should you partner up with us?

Running a door-to-door team can make you a significant income. A team of 3 to 5 really good sales reps can make you well over a $100,000 annually in overrides. Imagine what you can make with a team of 100?! Get paid BIG on overrides and live like the boss.

We understand administration is important to your organization once partnering with us our administration will handle payroll and commissions, onboarding, QA (Quality Assurance), chargeback prevention, recruiting, and representative training. Simply put, we take care of all the headaches when it comes to the administration part of running a legitimate D2D company, while you do what you best at and take care of your team and their sales!

- No start up fees or heavy investment required when getting started with us

- We take care of business and corporate taxes

o This means you do NOT have to be incorporated and can bypass double taxation

o This also means you don't have to worry about getting audited as a business by the IRS (excluding your own tax returns)

- We take care of business insurance

- We have the contracts to do business with major companies thus, allowing you to diversify your teams and offerings to maximize revenue and profits

- We take care of Human Resources

o We handle job applications

o We handle the applicant's W9s, I9s, background authorizations, and their contract agreements

o We update and maintain your organization's roster

o We handle payroll and all taxes associated with it

o We send out your 1099, plus your sales rep's 1099s (at no extra cost)

o We handle direct deposits and pay stubs

o You get a lot of flexibility on what you pay your team

o We help with job posting and recruiting

- We provide geographical leads

o Leads come directly from AT&T

- We provide you and your rep's with an official AT&T Identification Badge

- We help with graphics and designs such as business cards, flyers, web pages, and other various templates

- We send sales reports and analytics

o See how much your reps are selling in easy to understand charts

o See how much profit you are making per rep in easy to understand charts

o See your week-to-week, month-to-month, and year-to-year growth

- Yes! We will help you grow your team but team building is still ultimately your responsibility

o We send news and updates from the company to you and your reps

o We send training material, as well as, updating the material when it changes

o When your team is large enough, we will have AT&T corporate go and train them

o As you grow your business, we help you expanded into new cities and and/or states

o We perform QA (Quality Assurance) to help prevent cancellations and disconnects which puts more money back into your pocket while at the same time protecting you from chargebacks

You and your team will sell DIRECTV service, AT&T U-verse products (TV, Internet, Home Phone), and AT&T Wireless (Cellular) service.

Be ready to combine your skills and experience! If you have a strong work ethic, a strong desire to succeed and build a sales team, then we may just be a good fit for each other.

Required Qualifications:

- Minimum size team of three sales reps

- Minimum of 1-year managerial experience

- Minimum 2 years Door-to-Door experience

- Must be authorized to work in the United States

- Must have a working vehicle

- Must have working smartphone and tablet/computer

- Ability to work with Microsoft/Google products such as Excel/Sheets, Word/Doc, and PowerPoint/Slides on a basic level

Desired Qualifications:

- Experience in telecommunication products

- DIRECTV, U-verse, or AT&T product knowledge is preferred but not required

If you're ready to partner up with us, and you meet the minimum qualifications, then please fill out this form below and we will get back in contact with you.


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