Customer service dispatcher extraordinaire

Customer service dispatcher extraordinaire

03 Dec 2024
Texas, San antonio, 78201 San antonio USA

Customer service dispatcher extraordinaire

Vacancy expired!

I am looking for 2 or 3 new people. But not just any people, very special people who think they are the best at what they do and have no problem proving it! I am looking for people who want to be paid what they are worth at all times and they don't want to work for any cheap SOB employers who are trying to get someone as cheap as they can by saving a dollar and paying the employees cheap!

I don't care if you have a lot of college degrees or none, but no matter what, you know that not only are you smart and hard working: you're probably smarter and more successful than anyone else you know but so far: you just haven't been given the right opportunity!

I need someone to answer phones and record information in a computer, But then I need someone who can sell. And I want you to sell the easiest thing in the world and the best product there is to sell and the one thing you believe in more than anything else.

I want you to sell YOU

I want you to sell your trust worthiness and reliability and that of the company to all the multimillionaires who call us daily.

And they are at least 5 to 10 every single day.

I want you to be the master of phone conversations. I want people to not only like you as a person on that phone but I want them to fall in love with you and want to meet you because you are so polite, intelligent and dependable. You're the person they call, you get the service tech out there and you never fail! They rely on you!

I don't care what you want to make, any amount you want to be paid will be done if you can prove (and when you prove) you are the right person or persons for this job and you can deliver to me what it is what I want.

For the record, we are a commercial foodservice equipment repair company specializing in restaurants and we want more service calls so we can grow faster.

We get lots of calls daily that are not being handled correctly for a number of reasons.

If you think you are this person and you have been looking for a place where you can get 4 or 5 raises a year and if you want to be paid what you are worth at all times, then you should call me and we will have a talk.

Good luck to both of us.

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