Hiring a Full-Time "Box-ologist" (San Marcos (or surrounding area))

Hiring a Full-Time "Box-ologist" (San Marcos (or surrounding area))

23 Feb 2019

Hiring a Full-Time "Box-ologist" (San Marcos (or surrounding area))

Vacancy expired!

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Hi San Marcos (and surrounding areas),

Our company is doing some important work to make life on earth more sustainable, and we are doing it one cardboard box at a time. We are a young company, but we are 3 years old and are growing, and we jokingly refer to ourselves as "box-ologists". And because of our growth, we are looking for another "box-ologist" to join our team.

The characteristics we are looking for in our "box-ologists" are:

1. Transparency and honesty in each and every thing you do. Our box-ologists do a lot of work on their own, and transparency and honest communication are vitally important.

2. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it is fuel for small, growing companies.

3. Being good with numbers. We deal in a lot of boxes and our box-ologists needs to be able to do a lot of basic math throughout the course of the day.

4. The physical ability sort and organize cardboard boxes. And we mean a LOT of cardboard boxes. Seriously...a LOT of cardboard boxes. You must be in good physical condition to be a box-ologist.

5. Being pleasant towards others and having a service-oriented attitude. You will interface with customers and partners and being pleasant to everyone you interact with is an expected part of being a part of our company. We have a zero tolerance policy for this, so if you are a grump, this job is not for you.

6. Being a safe and courteous driver with a clean driving history (no tickets or accidents in last 3 years). You also need to be comfortable using Google Maps and with basic navigation.

7. Patience and flexibility. What we do is unique and innovative, and honestly, it doesn't always go according to plan. We have gotten a lot better at what we do and most of our days are planned out pretty well, but there are still days when there are things out of our control affect our plan, and you have to have the patience and flexibility to rise above that distraction and stay focused on what needs to be done.

8. Enjoy working outdoors.

As far as job requirements, those are:

1. Going to specified locations to pick up boxes. Each pick-up will involve collecting and sorting boxes. Boxes that don't meet our standards will be recycled. Boxes that do meet our standards will become part of our inventory.

2. Making customer deliveries.

3. Organizing boxes that DO meet our standards NEATLY into our warehouse and/or storage units. This is vitally important to keeping our operation running smoothly and growing our business, and we are religious about it.

We will provide a company van and gas for the van.

This position is full-time (by that, we mean that we expect it to be 40 hours a week), but it will begin as a 1099 contract position. Work is Monday through Saturday, starting at approximately 8:30 each morning. Saturdays are usually only 3-4 hours, so you will still have most of your weekends.

We want to reiterate that you need to be able-bodied. The job will involve bending over to pick up boxes as well as loading/unloading boxes from the van and sorting/stacking boxes in the warehouse/storage units.

Interested candidates please TEXT Morgan @ 512-645-7638, and please specify that you have a valid (i.e., not currently suspended or expired) drivers license and a clean driving history over the last 3 years.


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