Boat Mechanic (Virginia Beach)

Boat Mechanic (Virginia Beach)

02 Jun 2020

Boat Mechanic (Virginia Beach)

Are you looking for an opportunity to grow? Full Time or Part Time. We are looking to hire a skilled Marine/Boat Mechanic to inspect, service, and repair marine engines for our clients. You will be responsible for traveling to the dock where the vessel is located, inspecting and servicing engine equipment, troubleshooting, and making minor repairs. You may also be required to address problems with boat steering and hydraulic systems.

To ensure success as a Marine Mechanic, you should have extensive knowledge of motorboat engines, be able to work on land and at sea, and be able to diagnose problems with electrical systems. Expertly diagnose and fix problems with marine electrical and mechanical systems of any size. Outboards. Yamaha experience a plus

Marine Mechanic Responsibilities:

Working in Dealership Service are or traveling to marina or dock where the vessel is located.

Testing the performance of marine engines and electrical systems.

Carrying out services and minor repairs on outboard, inboard, and ship engines.

Conducting plumbing and intake repairs.

Troubleshooting engine and electrical problems.

Replacing broken or worn-out engine parts.

Repairing faulty hydraulic and steering systems.

Conducting electrical AC system maintenance.

Completing service records and repair documents.

Marine Mechanic Requirements:

High school diploma or GED.

Degree in Mechanical Engineering preferable.

Proven work experience as a Marine Mechanic.

Knowledge of marine engine and electrical auxiliary systems.

Knowledge of marine hydraulic systems and related parts.

Ability to lift heavy equipment and work in confined spaces.

Knowledge of boat steering systems.

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