Business Analyst

Business Analyst

31 Dec 2023
Washington, Olympia, 98511 Olympia USA

Business Analyst

Project: Business Analyst
Location: Olympia, WA

The Feasibility Study shall:

  • Analyze and document current business processes in the Hearings and Interviews Unit by evaluating the current physical and virtual evidentiary storage methods and the existing communication paths between the Hearings and Interviews Unit and case participants.
  • Identify gaps and limitations of the existing methods and communication paths.
  • Document the desired future state of a legal case management system and participant portal and what potential solution are available. This evaluation of should document the advantages and disadvantages of each option in relation to how it will solve the Hearings and Interviews Unit's case management system and participant portal concerns.
  • Recommend the best legal case management system and participant portal solution based on the business needs of the Hearings and Interviews Unit, the feedback from internal and external stakeholders, and other criteria that may become apparent during the evaluation process.
  • Describe the process needed for DOL to replace its legal case management system and establish a participant portal.
More specifically, the Feasibility Study must address the following criteria:

Strategic Alignment
  • Identify the necessary governance structure including executive leadership roles and responsibilities, reporting procedures, and project documentation to make the legal case management system and participant portal recommendations succeed.
  • Describe key characteristics of each project phase including the deliverables, milestones, sequence of activities, and task dependencies.
  • An initial project schedule that includes key milestones and dependencies.
  • The necessary project planning documentation needed to ensure project management controls are established and utilized.
  • Stakeholder engagement and communication strategy and plan, including both internal and external stakeholder interviews as appropriate.
  • The anticipated degree of change for internal and external stakeholders and the necessary organizational change management activities planned over the life of the project.
Resource Availability
  • Determine the resources required for this effort to be successful, including whether integration with DRIVES is possible and/or practical.
  • The financial resources necessary to successfully complete the project.
  • Forecast future Hearings and Interviews Unit technology trends and needs.
  • Identify and comparatively analyze the top vendor options to replace the current storage methods and communication paths and recommend the best option with justifications.
  • Include the cost and the anticipated timeline, from development to implementation, for each vendor solution.
  • Assess and recommend organizational change management and risk management considerations for each solution option.
  • Develop an implementation roadmap.
minimum system requirements
  • The State of Washington's minimum standards for data privacy and security;
  • Allow Hearings' team to configure processes and workflows in order to customize the operation of the system.
  • Built on a data structure that is easily accessible by Hearings' staff for reporting and statistical purposes;
  • Integrate email and calendars with MS Outlook;
  • Allow for storage and retrieval of evidence with legal cases on various media formats (e.g., mp3, video formats, etc.);
  • Integrate the administrative case flow internally managed within Hearings as well as the appellate level reviews performed by the appellate courts of Washington.
  • Include both the internally facing system that Hearings' staff use to make updates and maintain the evidentiary legal record and the externally-facing website that the case participants use to search for and interact with their case in a Hearings' portal;
  • Portal must be secure, robust, conform to OCIO's minimum standards for data privacy and security, and the State of Washington's web portal requirements; see the following examples:
  • Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals, and
  • Office of Administrative Hearings.
  • Seamlessly integrate with DOL's website;
  • Integrate with State's authentication server so that Hearings' staff will be able to use a single-sign-on;
  • Provide useful website statistics (such as visits, timeframes, duration, etc.); and
  • Meet Washington State's web accessibility standards.

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