16 Sep 2020



The Kitsap County Prosecuting Attorney - Civil Division seeks to hire a WSBA licensed attorney with experience in general civil legal matters.

The Civil Divisoin serves as the legal advisor to County officials and represents the County in litigation. The successful candidate will advise and represent the County in workers compensation matters, civil involuntary commitment hearings, public procurement, municipal contracts, and numerous laws affecting public agencies.

Five years' experience representing clients in civil litigation and / or administrative proceedings is preferred.

Appointed positions in this classification are at-will and the incumbents' continued employment with the County is at the discretion of the elected Prosecutor.

The appointment of an incumbent in a position in this classification may be revoked at any time with or without cause and without right to appeal.

Please submit a cover letter, resume, and writing sample with your application. Prosecuting Attorney's Office

Pursuing Justice with Integrity and Respect


Required Education and Experience

Juris Doctorate degree from a law school accredited by the American Bar Association

Licensed and in good standing by the Washington State Bar Association

Admission to practice before state and federal courts

Prior to employment the successful candidate must :

Pass a criminal history background and driving record check through law enforcement agencies.

This position requires a security clearance. A thorough background check through law enforcement agencies and previous employers will be conducted on all applicants based on information supplied on the application and supplemental questionnaire.

Kitsap County reserves the right to independently determine the applicant's prior criminal conviction record within the last ten years.)

Successful candidates will have knowledge of municipal and civil law, rules of the Court, the structure and operations of local government, and the ethical and professional responsibilities of an attorney.

Must have skill in legal research, as well as the ability to maintain a professional demeanor and handle a substantial volume of litigation and / or advisory responsibilities.


Illustrative Example of Duties :

Perform the statutory duties of the prosecuting attorney as assigned, including but not limited to the duties appearing in chapter 36.

27 RCW to advise the county legislative authority and all county officers, represent the county in all civil proceedings, and prosecute and defend the county in all civil actions.

Confer and advise assigned County officials concerning their respective duties, powers, functions and obligations.

Research and analyze complex legal situations and present legal alternatives.

Practice preventive laws by interpreting, projecting, and apply legal / municipal law trends.

Participate in County short and long-term planning to assure proper consideration of legal issues.

Perform legal research and provide opinions and advice on various legal matters for County officials and departments, interpreting laws, regulations, and judicial precedent that impact County decision making.

Prepare, review, and edit ordinances, resolutions, contracts, leases, policies and procedures, and other legal documents;

provide advice as to the legal acceptability of such documents, taking great care during the drafting process to achieve clarity in the wording of legal documents.

Monitor everyday activities for legal and procedural correctness.

Analyze issues, laws, application of laws to facts, and conclusions, and where necessary encourage clients to provide additional information, more or better data, and further explanation to withstand review by a judge, jury, or administrative tribunal.

Serve as an advocate for the County in its interactions with other agencies, reviewing courts, and the general public.

Investigate claims and complaints by or against the County or its officers; provide advice on action to be taken in the defense or prosecution of claims and complaints;

prepare matters for hearings; represent the County in such hearings.

Assist Civil Deputy Prosecuting Attorneys II, III, and IV in preparation of cases for trials and hearings.

Evaluate evidence, including scientific, medical, and expert witness evidence and present the same in fact findings, and bench and jury trials.

Work with clients and witnesses to provide legal advice and counsel in the investigation, preparation, testimony, and status of cases.

Respond to client inquiries in matters relating to their official business.

Attend trainings and comply with Continuing Education requirements of the Washington State Bar Association.

Meet the minimum billable hours threshold.

Performing such other duties as may be assigned by the Chief Civil Deputy.


Positions in the classification are :

Classified as exempt from overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Are non-represented and covered under the Kitsap County Personnel Manual

Classified as "at will." Incumbent's continued employment is at the discretion of the Elected Official

Starting salary will depend on qualifications

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