Geospatial Engineer II

Geospatial Engineer II

17 Sep 2020

Geospatial Engineer II

Job Description


Provide support services includes design, develop, configure, and implement web-enabled GIS applications in multiple environments: external facing (DMZ), internal (Dev, Test, Prod, SSE). Activities include data processing and geo-enabling legacy enterprise databases, building mobile workflows and applications, producing strategic and tactical products, maintenance of situational and operational awareness incorporating incident management that supports mission operations and special events.


  • Supports the design of technical project specifications for the implementation of software projects and systems integration efforts of client mission systems.
  • Implements systems based on known architectural standards.
  • Updates configurations and topologies as required and writes software documentation to design specifications developed as appropriate.
  • Acquires geospatial and remote-sensing data in support of analysis, review, and exploitation through the use of GIS industry-standard tools to produce products and data.
  • Creates complex cartographic and geospatial products through industry-leading tools via multiple mediums (e.g. mobile, web application, desktop, etc.).
  • Performs quality assurance of developed artifacts in support of team and end-client goals.
  • Acquires, analyzes, compiles, evaluates and reviews geospatial data designs.
  • Designs and implements data conversion procedures.
  • Performs software and database quality control.
  • Maintains and operates client information technology systems.
  • Provides preventative maintenance to systems.
  • Maintains regular backups and redundancy.


  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • 2+ years of experience in geospatial development
  • Understanding of industry-prevalent/state of the art Geospatial Information System (GIS) technology and techniques utilized in systems administration and systems operations
  • Proficient in software development with specific experience in web-based application development, 3rd generation programming languages, Internet markup languages, and other web-based Geospatial Information System platforms, including Google, ESRI, and MetaCarta; desktop, and server software products
  • Experience utilizing Agile development methodology
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

Additional Information

  • Job Location:Washington, DC
  • Job Type:Full-Time
  • Clearance:S. Citizens (Clearance Eligible)
  • Pay:Up to $65K/yr (Depends on Experience)

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