Construction Superintendent / Field Supervisor for Home Builder (Tri-Cities)

Construction Superintendent / Field Supervisor for Home Builder (Tri-Cities)

01 May 2020

Construction Superintendent / Field Supervisor for Home Builder (Tri-Cities)

Vacancy expired!

We are a regional mid-sized builder looking for a Construction Superintendent / Field Supervisor in the Tri-Cities area. We are a close-knit group of motivated and hardworking individuals who enjoy working as a team. We take pride in our homes and consistently provide the most exceptional customer service. Please forward your resume along with a brief cover letter explaining why you would make a great addition to our team.

Reports To:

Construction Manager

Essential duties and responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned and this job will evolve over time. You will need to evolve with it.

Day-to-day management of each home being constructed in the neighborhood you are assigned in accordance with the Owner and Construction Manager's expectations.

Visit every home, every room, every day.

Work with the construction manager to create a schedule for each job and update it as needed for variance or shifts.

Maintain a generally clean home inside and out.

Maintain a clean and orderly workspace inside the construction office.

Ensure a high-quality product is being built.

Utilize the supplied checklists throughout the construction process.

Communicate with subcontractors and suppliers to ensure the respective parties are meeting their deadlines and deliveries.

Work with subcontractors to ensure the most marketable and cost-effective home will be built.

Keep the homes clean and as free from trade damage as possible.

Work with city and county inspectors to pass all inspections.

Present reports to the Construction Manager and Owner after the completion of underfloor and framing.

Log and track credit returns

Conduct the customer orientation, log and note all punch list items - correcting within 72 hours of the home orientation.

Maintain positive relationships with subs, customers, suppliers, colleagues, and subordinates.

Promote job site safety.

1. Must have significant work experience in the construction field, in at least two of the following construction fields: FRAMING (WOOD), SIDING, DECK BUILDING, DRYWALL & PAINT, FINISH CARPENTRY, LVP INSTALLATION. In your response, tell us which fields you are an expert in. If you are an expert in additional areas, please let us know that as well. Equally important is the ability to do the work quickly as well as do it with quality in mind. We provide quality homes for our customers and it is required that any work you provide be of a quality nature.

2. Must be able to manage the schedule of multiple homes under construction at the same time. This will be done through web-based software that you will update on a daily basis.

3. Must have a good driving record.

4. Must be professional in appearance, actions, and attitude.

5. Must have a good general understanding of construction, construction methods and materials and the process behind building a new home.

6. Must be good with time management. You will be required to make an effective schedule for both you and our guys in the field.

This is NOT a management job. It is NOT a skilled labor job. It IS BOTH. Be prepared for both. Understand that your value will be in your flexibility and adaptability.

Pay is D.O.E. but will fall in the $40-$50k per year, depending on experience and qualifications. All applications submitted will be reviewed. We will leave this posting up for a period of two weeks. If we are interested in you, we will contact you. Please do not email us again asking if we have received your application. We have received it if you see that it is in your sent box of your email client. Your ability to follow instructions is important.

After the two week period has ended, we will respond to the top 5 or so applications and set up a short 10-minute meeting with all 5 applicants. If we find one or two applicants that we are interested in, we will set up an additional interview. We will hire one person on a trial basis for a period of one month. At that point, we will decide one of three things: either to hire you full time, either to extend your trial period for another 3 months or that we are going to go a different direction.

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