Processor on a Catcher Processing Vessel (Bering Sea)

Processor on a Catcher Processing Vessel (Bering Sea)

02 May 2020

Processor on a Catcher Processing Vessel (Bering Sea)

Processor on a Catcher Processing Vessel (Bering Sea)


Romanzof Fishing Company is looking to hire seafood processors to work onboard the M/V BARANOF

Crew is boarding boat in Seattle between Monday, May 4th and Tuesday, May 5th, will have definite dates later.

We are settling in on a program that Alaska State has put in place for everyone's safety from Covid. There are procedures that we will have to follow before the boat can dock in Alaska. We will have testing plus a quarantine for at least 14 days.

This all means that we will need crew onboard the vessel sooner than we initially thought. So if you think you have what it takes and you want to do this, I will need to get your application ASAP. Remember your point of hire would be Seattle, this means you will need to get to the boat in Seattle from wherever you currently are.

Please read the information below regarding the job description and everything it entails, if you are still interested, please fill out the application and make sure it is signed.

There is more to read below and it is pretty much the same as the ad that was in Craigslist the attached is the application. Please make sure you take your time filling that out.

When replying for an application, please leave your full name and your email address along with phone number in the body of the email, also that you acknowledge the following:

-You can be gone for approx. 90 days or more. You are available for at least 3 trips with no excuses later.

-You are drug free and can pass a drug test

-You will be truthful on your post offer medical questionnaire and are fit to do the work with no medical ailments

-Your background check does not come back with something you did not disclose.

-You must be able to get to Seattle on your own and may have to overnight at your own expense.

-You will need to provide your own blankets/sleeping bag & pillows along with shower shoes and towels among other items on the suggested item list.

We longline cod, black cod and crab and currently will be longlining cod for the time being.

If you are interested in this position, respond back to this email with your name, email address, and copy one of the statements above so I know you have read them!

You must be able to commit to 3 trips (trips vary and average between 3-5 weeks each)

The vessel is currently in Seattle for shipyard and will be ready to leave around the first or second week in May.

When responding to the ad through email, please provide your email address, the craigslist relay email will not allow a response.


This job consists of a multitude of tasks which can change from day to day as the fishing demands or the Captain of the vessel sees fit. Shifts are 16+ hours per day, seven (7) days a week. The processing plant is ONBOARD fishing boats in Alaska.

Duties may include but are not limited to:

1. Heading, cutting and gutting fish. Cleaning and cooking crab.

2. Packing the cleaned seafood into pans and loading into freezers.

3. Packaging up product after 1st freezing process to be stored down in the ship's hold securely.

4. General clean-up of vessel and the vessel's warehouse in Dutch Harbor when deemed necessary by officers and factory foreman.

5. Offloading operations in town (usually Dutch Harbor, AK). This is typically done by transferring product off vessel by offload belts into shipping containers or by loading onto trampers at sea.

6. Back loading supplies. Processors will also be involved with the back loading of supplies in town such as bait, food, and fiber.

You’re responsible for your own transportation to Seattle. No vehicle storage available.


Our website is under construction, please reply to craigslist email with your email address in the body (not the craigslist email, we cannot attach applications to those and send them) and your phone number and I will send you an application.

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