Private Duty Nursing In Home w/ Adult with Vent and Quadriplegia (Viroqua, WI)

Private Duty Nursing In Home w/ Adult with Vent and Quadriplegia (Viroqua, WI)

02 Apr 2019

Private Duty Nursing In Home w/ Adult with Vent and Quadriplegia (Viroqua, WI)

Vacancy expired!

Private Duty Nursing is a career option available to any RN or LPN in the state of WI whom wishes to work independently with clients in their home. Some clients with less medical needs may pay directly, but in the case of ventilator dependent clients or tracheostomy clients who have WI Medicaid the state reimburses:

RN's at $42.50/hr and LPN's at $28.33/hr.

This is not home care agency work (they keep up to 1/3rd of the States reimbursement meaning you'd make about $10/hr less)! You are your own private business or independent contractor.

We're looking for motivated nurses who want to experience a different style of nursing where they have a smaller team and more long term direct care with their patient. This is also appropriate for nurses looking for 1-4 shifts per month of extra income.

The client is an adult male with quadriplegia (>10 years) in Viroqua, WI. He is going to school for computer programming and graphic design. Exciting news is that he's currently off all diabetes meds, has lost over 90lbs, and has actively reversed his T2 diabetes through lifestyle changes. He is on a ventilator and has a tracheostomy but can breathe on his own for long periods of time. The home environment is very relaxed and pleasant.

Day and Night shifts available.

12 Hour Shifts 7-7.

Even if you only want 1-4 shifts/month!

Orientation and assistance setting up billing for Private Duty Nursing through medicaid provided.

A National Provider Identifier (20 min process online) is needed as well as the Adult Ventilator Certification ($180 initially and $100 recert every 2 years-6 hour class can be taken in Middleton regularlydon't let that be an impediment!)

This is an excellent supplemental job and can also be a lucrative full time job. Most of us work 6-14 shifts per month. There's a large focus on building a supportive team that understands taking care of others involves taking care of ourselves as well!

Thanks for looking and hope to hear from you soon,

Joshua Estep RN, BSN Case Manager

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