True Owner Operators Only, NO "Company" Owner Ops (Menasha)

True Owner Operators Only, NO "Company" Owner Ops (Menasha)

01 May 2019

True Owner Operators Only, NO "Company" Owner Ops (Menasha)

Vacancy expired!

Jayda Transport LLC

Jayda Transport is set up to be a cooperative for owner operators. Most owner operators that decide to own their own truck have a vision of doing everything on their own and getting paid a rate that is reflective of the amount of time and effort they put into their business. At Jayda the owner operators negotiate rates and book their own freight. This allows them to run how they want to and decide whether or not a rate is good enough for them to do. Booking your own freight may seem intimidating at first but I help you get a feel for it and help you get started until you are comfortable enough to do it on your own. Also we have no obligations to company customer freight that often drags an owner operator down when working with a larger company. Get paid for what you actually do

We currently have 14 owner operators working under this system and all of them split up the company costs which are typically about $100-$130 a month per driver. All paperwork, safety compliance, billing, IFTA, and fuel cards are provided by the company. There is a weekly co-op charge for doing so and there is a flat rate of $200 per week. If your truck grossed a modest $3500 that week, the $200 would be 5.7% to compare to an owner operator contract that is based off percent pay. If your truck grossed $5,000, that $200 co-op fee would be 4%. The costs associated with working under the Jayda Transport Co-op would be very similar to if you we were running completely independently.

All current owner operators would be available as a reference if you would like to speak to one or all 14 of them.

Only accepting trucks that are able to connect to an ELD. Basically just need the plug that a mechanic would plug into to read engine data.

If interested please give me a call. My name is Jason Ball and am the owner of Jayda Transport LLC


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