Ammunition/Firearm Production Jobs

Ammunition/Firearm Production Jobs

16 May 2019

Ammunition/Firearm Production Jobs

Vacancy expired!

We are a large global firearms and ordnance manufacturer with a new large consolidated manufacturing operation in Fort Smith looking for production workers. We are hiring primarily for full time first and second shift positions, with up to 30 hours of overtime per week.

The operation in this listing manufactures and ships large volumes of these products:

small arms ammunition, ammunition casings/components, AR-15/M-16 rifles, and sporting shotguns.

We need motivated fast learners with good work ethic. Firearms and ammunition knowledge is a plus.

The three tiers of production positions are divided below:

- Entry/Basic workers: $9.35 to $10.85 per hour (w/ weekly quota bonus) -

- Loading and unloading parts from machines, carts, and dollies.

- Sorting ammunition casings visually to a production quota.

- Washing and tumbling of metal parts.

- Filling automated machines with cartridge casings for sorting.

- Inserting ammunition into bulk gauges for packaging.

- Packaging ammunition into boxes to a production quota.

- Sweeping and cleaning up work areas within the production floors and office.

Nearly any worker is qualified for these position and we are filling many openings. If you need a job immediately and are willing to work hard, apply for this.

- General/Mid-Level workers: $10.00 to $13.00 per hour (w/ weekly quota bonus) -

- Starting up and maintaining production equipment for projectiles and ammunition.

- Operation of automated loading machines and casting machines.

- Loading parts into machines for assembly/manufacture.

- Quality control of production output.

- Reading and interpreting gauges and recording data.

- Cleaning and maintaining basic cam operated production machines.

- Full assembly of AR-15 and M-16 Rifles to quota.

Experience with cartridge reloading or bullet production or experience running any sort of production machinery, the more complex the better, is valuable.

We are currently looking for AR-15 builders specifically, so if you have any experience with AR assembly whether as work or as a hobby, please be sure to let us know!

-High Skill/High-Level workers: $11.00 to $16.00 per hour (w/ weekly quota bonus)-

As part of our ongoing expansion in the coming weeks and months, we are acquiring more complex and high output machinery and are preemptively hiring for these tasks below. While these positions are not yet available, workers with the requisite experience can begin work in the mid-level positions in the interim and will be the first selected from to fill higher level positions as they become available.

- Running high speed ammunition loading machines such as Ammoload, Camdex, and in-house made similar machines.

- Running cold headers for bullet, screw, bolt production.

- Extrusion and cold drawing of lead and alloy wires.

- Machine repair and maintenance to a high mechanical inclination.

Additionally, having any of the following is very valuable for this level of work:

- Experience with CNC lathes, milling machines, EDM.

- Experience with Tool and Die work and OBI punching and draw presses.

- Experience with running electroplating bathes for plating projectiles of various types.

- Ability to schedule production and maintain or exceed quotas as a self-starter.

- High understanding of reading and interpreting gauges and quality control on parts.

- Related supervisory experience.

Average pay for these positions will range as per the above tier listings and depend on experience and skills after the evaluation period. If you have experience and exceed all of the requirements and preferences, you will be qualified to earn the higher pay with weekly bonuses. Also, future promotions to management positions are possible depending on performance and abilities.

Currently offering quota exceeding workers large amounts of overtime until all positions are filled

There is a one to two week starting probationary period for training and evaluation. Reliable transportation is required. On-site parking spot is provided.

Due to the atmosphere, we cannot hire anyone with a felony; misdemeanors are dependent upon the charge. This is a drug free workplace. We do full national background checks due to the sensitive work nature.

We need workers with a positive attitude who are willing to learn and are self-starters. All of our staff is very friendly. Please reply to this posting with an up-to-date resume for our review.

We will be scheduling interviews immediately to fill up many positions for our ongoing expansion.

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