Corrugated Roofers/Remodeling Carpenters (Kauai, Hawaii)

Corrugated Roofers/Remodeling Carpenters (Kauai, Hawaii)

02 Apr 2019

Corrugated Roofers/Remodeling Carpenters (Kauai, Hawaii)

Vacancy expired!

Are you interested in an opportunity to live and work in Hawaii? I have approximately 30 + roofs on planation homes to do for the right individuals and possibly long term work for the right people. I am a contractor remodeling old plantation homes and need roofers with carpentry skills. You will strip old roofing, repair rotten wood, build new overhangs, install purlins and then apply corrugated metal roofing. You must be experienced, you must have a drivers license, be mature, professional, have no drama, have a strong work ethic (we work about 45-50 hours per week), and do not cut corners, etc. If you are looking for a night life, etc, this is not your place. This is a small, quiet island and respect for others is mandatory.

For Remodeling Carpenters-We are remodeling old plantation homes. There is no blue prints. Everything is retro fitted and you must be very skilled in joining and fastening. You must do clean and percise work. I do not cut corners and I will not accept anyone working for me to cut corners.

For Laborers-We need guys that are strong, know residential construction sites, etc. You must have a valid drives license since you will be expediting materials. You must know lumber, power tools, how to organize, etc.

Serious inquiries only need call. We need un-married guys or guys that can leave their family temporarily (since you will be living in a camp house). We have a three bedroom plantation home rented for your use. We have a truck/car for your use. Must have basic tools and tool belt, etc. You must be strong and able to carry and handle large pieces of metal and lumber and do not mind doing all sorts of carpentry work. Great pay for the right people. Must have a clean record and must have drivers license. This is a legitimate job with taxes taken out etc. Do not waist my time and call if you do not have your life together or DO NOT HAVE A DRIVERS LICENSE. Call Jackie at 907-350-0864

We are no longer paying for flights upfront. If you buy your one way ticket here we will reimburse you for your ticket after you work one month. Housing is provided with exception of utilities and cleaning fee of $37.50 per week. Shared car is provided for personal use.

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