Agricultural Specialist I (Co) (Merced, CA)

Agricultural Specialist I (Co) (Merced, CA)

01 May 2020

Agricultural Specialist I (Co) (Merced, CA)

Vacancy expired!


Rate of Pay for position is $13.90 per hour for Agricultural Specialist


Agricultural Specialist participate in the inspection, identification and control of various plant diseases and pests in carrying out exotic pest (insect or plant) trapping activities in support of programs engaged in pest detection, trapping and eradication. May assist in the eradication and control of noxious weeds.


Under the close supervision of a designated lead person or supervisor, as well as operating within established guidelines and procedures, the incumbent in this position works in a variety of field settings with close oversight. Responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to, the following:

Trapping / Survey and Eradication Activities

Perform the examination of fields, roadways, and cultivated areas to determine extent of infestation of weeds, birds, insects or predators, and for the presence of plant disease infestation, and assists in their eradication or control.

Safely operate and maintain a motor vehicle to travel to designated work areas throughout the day.

Follow established protocols for trapping, survey or eradication work. Service traps, perform insect sweeps, visually inspect local plant hosts for target pest damage or conduct eradication treatments.

Remove suspect plant and insect samples from foliage or from a variety of insect collection tools and check for target pests.

Draw and follow maps when performing field activities. Use GPS technology to site-register and package samples. Maintain site location and sample integrity.

Keep daily reports of work completed, i.e. number of traps serviced, properties treated, acreage surveyed, samples collected and other information as needed.

Screen wet and dry traps for target pests (plant and insect). Examine contents of traps to make preliminary identification of specimens which resemble target pests.

Take prescribed action when a preliminary identification of a target pest is made which may include, but is not limited to, drawing a map of the find site, completing a Pest Detection Report form, and placing the sample in an appropriate container.

Initiate contact with a property owner or representative to conduct a visual survey, place traps or carry out eradication activities.

Briefly answer questions about the survey, detection or eradication projects and/or refer the questioner to the appropriate agency for information.

Interact with the public in a courteous and professional manner.

Keeps records of inspections and prepares reports.

Assist with the control and eradication of noxious weeds and other pests.

Perform daily vehicle safety and fluid level checks. Clean vehicle interior and truck bed of debris.

Clean, repair and store all equipment daily. Notify team lead or supervisor when equipment is in need of repair or replacement.


Duties for the job are primarily performed outside of buildings. Weather, temperature, lighting and noise levels may constantly vary. Terrain may vary from smooth and stable to irregular and unstable. The incumbent may be regularly exposed to dust, pollen, moisture and pesticide chemicals associated with insect lures and treatment activities. Driving a vehicle, as well as entering and exiting the vehicle numerous times throughout the workday, is generally required.


The incumbent in this position must be able to work cooperatively with representatives to conduct a visual survey, place traps or carry out eradication activities and maintain effective working relationships; work well under pressure; and, work cooperatively with other staff members in completing assigned work and meeting required deadlines. Incumbent must have a valid driver license and acceptable driving record during course of employment. Incumbent may be required to work weeks, nights, and work overtime.


The incumbent in this position will be required, with or without reasonable accommodation, to frequently lift and carry five to fifty (50) pounds and occasionally lift up to 75 pounds; use repetitive arm and wrist motions; bend, stoop, twist, reach (with and without a trapping pole); and possess mobility to traverse, uneven terrain. Incumbent will be required to enter and exit vehicle (truck) continuously throughout the day.

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