Professional, experienced, private housekeeper - small ranch, Escalon (ESCALON)

Professional, experienced, private housekeeper - small ranch, Escalon (ESCALON)

07 Feb 2019

Professional, experienced, private housekeeper - small ranch, Escalon (ESCALON)

Vacancy expired!

Professional level housekeeper

Help me keep things running smoothly in my home, ranch, and home business. Housekeeping is much more than cleaning; if all you can do is vacuum this is not for you. Need career level skills in running a home, a home business, a ranch, and so on.

You must be a local person; no long commute because it is impractical for a "mornings only" situation.

Need a house "Mom"

Someone who can managing, oversee, and supervise hourly paid temporary help - ones who do cleaning, ranch maintenance, weeding, brush clearing, harvesting, etc. You do not have to perform only manual labor; that is not my intention. I really need a personal assistant level mature person to oversee temporary workers - because I'm fully occupied filling customer orders, packing & shipping, etc.

Maintain simple, no payroll bookkeeping, supervisor hourly paid temporary helpers, organize office paperwork, remind me about timely payments with suppliers etc. You know - all that stuff.

• RESUME required

Document your proven abilities supervising hourly paid help, essential business and office procedures. Not having any resume contradicts this essential requirement.

• This is contract work (IRS 1099 misc. income) paid by submitting a weekly invoice detailing what tasks you completed.

• Work only short shifts from 7 or 8 am to 10 am or noon. Mornings only. No other hours are feasible in winter. In summer it may be possible to switch to 3-4 hours in the evening. We never work Mondays or Sundays.

• Transportation You must have your own vehicle to come and go freely - no ride sharing hassles (seriously).

• Not allergic to dogs, not afraid of large ones. Ranch has working dogs and Service Dogs.

• You must skillfully take notes - ones that lead to written work orders for hourly workers who you will assist with screening, and then provide hands on supervision / oversight to ensure jobs are accomplished with cost efficiency.

• Able to enforce necessary work rules to outsiders who come here to provide labor.

• Your drug & alcohol use must be minimal such that it does not affect your reliability, and/or memory. This is not a situation for a daily marijuana user.

• Able to control cell phone addiction - Smart phones have become a serious distraction. All the ranchers around here complain about helpers who constantly check their phones.

• Email is the only way to communicate. I no longer give out my telephone number to Craigslist strangers. Please email?

Earn $10,000 to $12,000/ year and never set foot in the Amazon fulfillment center or put on a costume to sell pizza.

Thank you. You're welcome!

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