Entry Level Beekeeper - No Experience Required (Hughson, CA)

Entry Level Beekeeper - No Experience Required (Hughson, CA)

02 Apr 2019

Entry Level Beekeeper - No Experience Required (Hughson, CA)

Vacancy expired!

Level 1 Beekeeper Job Description

Responsibilities (Includes, but are not limited to):

Transport, medicate, feed, inspect bee hive colonies

Harvest and extract honey

Propagate beehive colonies via splits, starting nucleus colonies, shaking / installing packages and rearing


Assemble / paint bee equipment i.e. supers, frames, feeders, lids, pallets

Mix and feed pollen supplement/treatment patties

Performance Expectations:

Due to the seasonal nature of beekeeping, training for the stated responsibilities will take place over the course of the year when appropriate.

After sufficient training, it is the expectation for this position that Level 1 Beekeepers be able to satisfactorily perform all stated responsibilities in a consistent fashion independently and unsupervised by the end of the first year.

Compensation / Benefits:

Wages are $15.00 per hour. Overtime pay of $22.50 starts once employee has worked more than 10 hours in a single day/night. After a successful 30 day review, wages will increase to $17.50 per hour, $26.25 per hour overtime.

Employee is eligible for two weeks paid vacation after the first full year of employment.


- Must be able to lift 75lbs

- Must not be allergic to bees

- Forklift experience a plus

- Beekeeping is a migratory business, travel is required

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