Love being Pregnant? Receive up to $40K-$45K to become a Surrogate!

Love being Pregnant? Receive up to $40K-$45K to become a Surrogate!

01 May 2020

Love being Pregnant? Receive up to $40K-$45K to become a Surrogate!

Vacancy expired!

Give the gift of life! Become a gestational carrier!

Welcome, we're thrilled you've found us Becoming a surrogate is an amazing and selfless act anyone can do. It's a huge life decision! Elite Women Surrogacy is an agency employed by strong powerful women who will be by your side at any given moment! We are here to support, guide and financially help you through your surrogacy journey. Compensation starts at $35,000. In addition to the base compensation there is an additional benefit package included with monthly allowances and a bonus starting after your screenings! Your compensation and your benefits/monthly allowances combined add up to $40,000-$45,000. If you carry twins, your compensation + monthly allowances/benefits add up to $45,000-$49,000! These benefits and monthly allowances include the following payments and are in addition to your $35,000 compensation:

Additional allowances include:

Monthly allowance

Medication start fee

Embryo transfer fee

Maternity clothing allowance

Monthly support group

Support person allowance

Twin compensation (if applicable)

Canceled cycle fee (if applicable)

Physician recommended C-Section (if applicable)

Lost wages (if applicable)

Child & Housekeeping (If applicable)

Breast milk allowance (if applicable)

Hysterectomy (if applicable)

Health Insurance coverage

$250,000 Life insurance

Intended parents are waiting for their perfect surrogate!

Start your Journey today!

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Once submitted, our surrogate team will contact you within 24 hours to assist you with the beginning of the process and explain in detail what to expect. If you feel like you wouldn't qualify, feel free to reach out to our surrogate team! Just send us your questions to or call us at (949)460-0432. No question will be left unanswered.

Surrogate Requirements:

Between the ages of 21 to 37 years old.

Have had a good pregnancy history and given birth within the last 7 years (no complications)

Have had at least one child before with no major complications

No current or past history with depression or anxiety medication

BMI 30 or lower

Have reliable transportation.

Lead a healthy and stable lifestyle

No current criminal history

Be a U.S Citizen

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