******* OVER 40????? OVERQUALIFIED????? UNDERAPPRECIATED ????? ******* (SouthernCalifornia/USA/CANADA/AUSTRALIA/NZ)

******* OVER 40????? OVERQUALIFIED????? UNDERAPPRECIATED ????? ******* (SouthernCalifornia/USA/CANADA/AUSTRALIA/NZ)

01 Dec 2019

******* OVER 40????? OVERQUALIFIED????? UNDERAPPRECIATED ????? ******* (SouthernCalifornia/USA/CANADA/AUSTRALIA/NZ)

Vacancy expired!

If you have a wage (or) salary mentality along with minimal ambition, then this will NOT be for you as this is NOT a traditional job. Fortunately this is a Real, Reliable and Richly Rewarding Entrepreneurial Adventure for Proactive and Focused Men and Women who have Gi-Normous Ambitions & Dreams and/or who need to create a Long Term Emergency Retirement Income. Individuals who want to Settle for More in Life and Individuals who want to Elevate their Happiness while Spending their Days doing things they want to do, as opposed to doing things they have to do.

* Must Possess Sales, Marketing, Team Building and/or Public Speaking Skills.

* Must be Self Responsible, Self Motivated, Self Disciplined and Self Functioning.

* Public/Transparent American based company on the forefront of

The Next Gazillion Dollar Sector of The Health and Well-Being Industry and

that of course is: Nootropics (brain health and happiness in layman's terms)

* Proven Manufacturer Direct to Consumer Business Model.

* International Expansion beginning now with Australia/New Zealand while The UK

and Several Asian Nations to open in early '19. By the way we just opened for business in Canada.

* Limitless Training, Teamwork, Support, Recognition, Respect and Fun - Every Single Step of The Way.

* This entrepreneurial endeavor can be worked part time, full time, more importantly: your time.

*** To move the process forward, please reply back with a resume (or) bio, along with

your best contact phone number(s) - do know ahead of time that no one will be

contacted, nor will information be shared unless that requested and required information

is included with your response. Once again if you are wanting to be an employee, then

this will not be for you.

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