RDA or Certified Orthodontic Assistant (Pocket)

RDA or Certified Orthodontic Assistant (Pocket)

13 Jul 2020

RDA or Certified Orthodontic Assistant (Pocket)

If you are a mature, stable person, with excellent interpersonal skills and you value a job in a quiet, well run practice this may be the place for you. Our orthodontist needs you to tie and untie, and keep three chairs prepared for patients. You don't need wire bending skills, but you must be a quick thinking individual who can do chairside assisting and sterilization with ease, good cheer and kindness towards all.

Wearing PPE is a requirement. All patients are being screened for COVID symptoms and are having their temperatures taken. Staff and the doctor wear a N95 mask, face shield and long sleeve washable top for our highest levels of safety. Patients are required to pre-rinse prior to any higher risk procedures. If you don't own tops we will provide them for you. Our goal is that we do everything possible to avoid exposure or transmission to staff, doctor and patients. We regularly modify our procedures in accordance with all ADA and CDC updated recommendations.

This office has never been an orthodontic factory, which has made our transition into a 'COVID aware' environment easier. You have to be the kind of person who prefers taking full responsibility for the clinical area and does not want to work in a huge team with all of the good and bad interpersonal (and potential viral transmission) issues that accompany large offices. We see patients three days per week and you will have at least one additional day to answer phones, restock, clean, etc. If you want to work a fifth day it will usually be up to you.

You will be the second assistant in the office. The primary assistant will be taking a temporary leave of absence (which is currently scheduled to occur) in October, but could occur sooner. When she returns in 2021 you could very well stay on in a full or part time position, depending upon your fit with the office and your personal situation.

Depending upon your experience, pay begins at $21/hr; you will get semi annual increases based upon your skills, attitude and longevity. Vacation, holidays, 401K and sick leave provided. Unfortunately, we do not offer medical coverage.

If you think that this office environment may be a good match for your skills and personality, please respond briefly to the following questions.

1. Can you easily get to the the Pocket location?

2. How much experience do you have

a. tying and untying orthodontic appliances?

b. Taking impressions, panos and cephs?

3. Why do you think a small orthodontic office would be a good fit for you?

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