GIS/Engineering Technician (Etna, California)

GIS/Engineering Technician (Etna, California)

02 May 2020

GIS/Engineering Technician (Etna, California)

Vacancy expired!

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The Siskiyou Resource Conservation District is seeking a part-time employee to assist in developing and implementing conservation projects in Scott Valley. The position will involve both field and office duties. Work will initially be under-supervision but will evolve to be independent as soon as possible. Below is a list of the core technical activities we are seeking an applicant to be familiar with and/or have demonstrable experience completing:

1. Managing Geographic Data in Esri ArcGIS

---------Coordinate and collect spatial data at field sites (sometimes with assistance from field technicians)

---------Compile and digitize spatial data, review and address inconsistencies or conflicting information, produce accurate maps or other representations

---------Perform geoprocessing and analysis to manipulate and transform information from spatial data sets

---------Manage GIS databases and files

---------Understand projections and cartography principles, be familiar with ArcToolbox

---------Examples of Work Tasks: presenting statistical distributions, orthorectifying aerial images, developing TIN surfaces, calculating inundation volumes

2. Provide Technical Assistance to District project coordinators, consulting engineers, and other professionals

---------Collect topographic data with land surveying equipment (either a total station or GNSS RTK setup), post-processing and mapping of spatial coordinates, review for inconsistencies or conflicting information, produce longitudinal profiles and cross-sections in ArcGIS, compare with existing LiDAR digital elevation models

---------Perform hydrologic calculations such as flood recurrence intervals using regional regression equations

---------Perform irrigation efficiency calculations based on water conveyance data and consumptive use for various crop types

---------Participate in the alternatives analysis and iterative design process for agricultural improvements and stream habitat restoration projects (ask questions, make recommendations)

---------Review, interpret and comprehend construction plans, specifications, regulations and permits

---------Assist staking out construction plans as needed (extents, lines and grades)

---------Assist with construction inspections and as-built certifications involving documentation through photos, surveys, measurements, materials quantification, testing equipment functionality, and mapping project features

Other Related Activities – Project Development, Monitoring and Reporting (experience preferred but not required):

---------Work with District staff to compile technical descriptions of restoration sites or treatments for funding proposals, environmental compliance applications and reporting

---------Work with District staff to compile cost estimates and budgets, especially for construction projects

---------Work with District staff to organize and carry out study plans for the collection of physical environmental parameters such as stream flow, water quality, precipitation, substrate class, and soil moisture

---------Assemble time-series data sets, review for quality assurance, process using Microsoft Excel functions/macros, compose reports presenting and analyzing environmental monitoring

Necessary skills and abilities to succeed in this position:

• Able to manage your time and work independently, possess self-motivation and responsibility

• Be organized and pay attention to detail

• Possess verbal and written language skills, ability to communicate effectively

• Proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel and ArcGIS

• Utilize problem solving tools to reach practical solutions

• Moderate physical fitness to access remote field sites and carry equipment

• Be resourceful, seek technical guidance and assistance from various sources as needed

• Be familiar with the Scott River Watershed (preferred but not necessary)

Educational Qualifications:

1. Minimum of a Bachelors Degree in some aspect of the sciences (ex. biology, chemistry, physics), engineering, natural resources, environmental policy, or related fields

2. Knowledge of agricultural practices, fisheries science (especially Pacific salmon and trout), watershed dynamics, stream habitat restoration or related subjects are advantageous but not required


*** Must be able to provide proof of identity (social security card and photo identification)

*** Must possess a valid drivers license and a vehicle to meet at field sites (4-WD not required), mileage will be reimbursed at the federal rate

*** Must be respectful of landowners and private property rights

The position is anticipated to be an average of 20 hours per week, however, the workload is likely to be performed in pulses. You should expect the time commitment to be heavier during the field season, which generally runs from April through October. The entry pay rate will be negotiated depending upon experience but is likely range from $18.00 to $27.50 per hour. There is opportunity for advancement within the District. After 12 months of employment you will be eligible for a 14% cash benefit and after 24 months of employment you will be eligible for a 5% contribution to a SEP Retirement Plan. The job position currently being offered is entirely grant funded therefore tasks, hours and employment are subject to funding availability and may cease at any time at the discretion of the Siskiyou RCD Board of Directors.

Please submit a detailed resume to the Siskiyou RCD by either slipping an envelope through the slot in the door (450 Main St. Etna, CA), mailing one to the District post office box (P.O. Box 268 Etna, CA 96027) or sending one via email ( If you have any questions regarding this job opportunity, you may contact the Acting District Manager, Lindsay Magranet, at 530-467-3975 or via email ( This position will remain open until filled.

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