Storage manager needed! (505 18th street)

Storage manager needed! (505 18th street)

07 Feb 2019

Storage manager needed! (505 18th street)

Vacancy expired!

Are you looking to grow with a new company? We have a unique opportunity available for the right candidate. This position will work on the weekends, however large bonuses are available. The position is a CONTRACT POSITION. If you are not comfortable working as a contractor do not apply!

The job will encompass as follows.

Storage on 18th is looking for a maintenance PRO, and someone that has great customer service skills. We will only be accepting resumes from qualified individuals. If you are interested in the position we have available please submit your resume and call our office to set up an interview. We will plan on hiring someone for this position the last week of January


All business is to be conducted in a tactful, business-like manner. Never lose your temper with a customer or another employee.


Filing is to be done on a daily basis at the end of the day after you balance.


Deposits are to be made daily or every other day. Managers will take the deposits to the bank on their first day back for the relief managers.


All transactions are to be recorded into the computer, unless told by Home Office. If you have a problem with follow these steps according to the order:

Do not try to fix a problem you do not understand.


Invoices that you receive at your store are to be sent to the Home Office daily. Do not fax over any invoices unless instructed by Home Office. Home Office needs originals.



LIGHTING: a) Keep all switches bulbs, ballast, and receptacles in working order.

b) Adjust exterior light timers for proper On/Off cycles.

Replace damaged cover plates.

Major repairs contact your SupervisorCleaning

HALLWAYS: Sweep daily; keep free of debris and obstacles.

UNITS: Once vacated it should be cleaned immediately. Thoroughly sweep floors and the back of the roll up door. Remove spider webs and dust from walls and ceilings. Mop floors if needed.

OFFICE: Clean windows and counter tops. Sweep and mop floors. Empty

trash containers. Remove dust build up from the top of doorframes.

RESTROOMS: Clean sinks, toilets, mirrors. Sweep and mop floors. Empty trash

containers. Refill toilet paper, tissue, and soap dispensers.

GROUNDS: Pick up litter. Sweep front parking area. Remove any weeds or grass growing through concrete/asphalt separations. Apply insecticide at the base of all entryways and openings throughout the facility monthly.

SIGNAGE: Speed limit, No Smoking, etc., signs are to be posted in conspicuous places, cleaned and coated with a film of clear protective sealant such as Armor All on a monthly basis or as needed to prevent oxidation and unnecessary replacement.


DOOR KNOBS: Clean and sanitize daily.


COVERS: Remove dead bugs/dust and clean as needed.

Roll Up Doors

SEALS: Upon vacancy, prior to cleaning, check seal for wear and damage. Replace accordingly.

THRESHOLD: Check for signs of leakage and dirt build up in corners. Clean and caulk with elastomeric compound as needed. If compound is required, dress it down with a soap and water mixture for proper adhesion.

GUIDES: Remove dust builds up from door guides and spray inside of tract with WD 40.

HASPS: Check for ease of operation. Replace if worn or rusted.

DOOR FACE: Wipe down with a brush and rag to remove dirt build up.

DOOR STOP: Adjust firmly. Do not over tighten. Replace if needed.


The Gate is to be kept in working condition and inspected daily. Wipe off sensors especially have a rain storm so they detect cars properly. Please make sure the chain is lubricated with oil.

For maintenance help please call RG Maintenance at 720-722-0859


The maintenance person shall perform minor touch up painting throughout the facility and will be in charge of recording product manufacturer, color codes, and type of paint used for future reference. All paint matches must be exact in color, sheen, and labeled for its intended use.

Scope of Work:

Poles: Touch up paint as needed.

Structural Steel: Feather off paint as not to draw attention to the touched up area. Keep free of runs, sags, and contamination.

Doors: Keep brush strokes in the same direction as the corrugation, simulated grain, or panels. Apply in a squared up manner and feather in if needed.

Office: Touch up ceilings, walls, trim, and doors as needed.

Parking Area: Maintain striping and apply asphalt emulsion to areas showing signs of deterioration.

Perimeter Walls: Check for dirt, scuff marks, etc, clean or paint.

Caulk: Use a paint able acrylic latex and not a clear silicone or adhesive. All separated contact points are to be caulked with the proper product.

Adjacent areas should be covered to protect against splatter, drips, or accidental spillage. If masking tape is to be used to cover an area it should be removed within 24 hours. Heavy traffic areas are to be roped off with "Caution" tape. Wet Paint signs are to be used where needed. Ladders, buckets, tools, etc. are to be kept out of the main thoroughfare.


Lock/Unlock: To be done daily.

Vacancies: Unscheduled vacancies are to be reported to the facility office and check in the computer.

Offline: Units that are unrentable are to be reported to the office and notated in the computer until repaired and back in service.

Inventory: All sellable items are to be inventoried monthly. Example: Padlocks, Disc locks, boxes, etc., and re-stocked as needed.

Office Duties: The maintenance person must also be familiar with the daily office routine procedures and computer and help in the office when not performing maintenance duties or needed.

Errands: Offsite errands such as bank deposits, post office, and supply pick-ups will be done as needed.

Maintenance & Office personal is to perform any other duties that may be assigned by Supervisor.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract

Salary: $13.50 /hour

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