Google Cloud Platform Data Engineer

Google Cloud Platform Data Engineer

08 Apr 2021
Colorado, Lonetree, 80124 Lonetree USA

Google Cloud Platform Data Engineer

Note : Must have

Google Cloud Platform Experience

  • Build a and operationalize pipelines to include data acquisition, staging, integration of new data sources, cataloging,

  • Layout and architect a strategic data vision for SAMS

  • Cleansing, batch and stream processing, transformation, and consumption

  • Work with our cloud engineering team to setup and provision a team-sandbox with approved managed Google Cloud Platform data services to build the data pipeline and provided sample data sets.

  • Provide architecture to integrate metadata management, integrate with on-prem Data quality engine.

  • Provide automated source / destination data comparison architecture

  • Design and develop a data preparation and quality control mechanism

  • Implement data classification of incoming data and access controls based on data domains

  • Architect and implement data exploration platform for data architects and data scientists on staged data sets.

  • Build and refine job automation and orchestration for pipeline to handle exception handling, rerun jobs, fault tolerance, retrospective, logging, alerts, notifications etc.,

  • Develop transformation process for handling batch and streaming data

  • Build compatible target data state to include compatible schema design, catalog, data modeling acceptable for consumption via APIs, Client and analytics

  • Provide data usage pattern for analytics, API and other consumption patterns from target data store.

  • Build target state data publishing and visualization and integration

  • Implement Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles across the data pipeline. Also define and execute different delegate roles as needed.

  • Implement IAM and dataset-level-access-controls in target data store

  • Build an CICD automation pipeline facilitating automated deployment and automated testing

  • Deliver end to end comprehensive documentation along with code samples

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