Residual Income Opportunity of 2019 - Big Commission PAID DAILY! (Pueblo, CO)

Residual Income Opportunity of 2019 - Big Commission PAID DAILY! (Pueblo, CO)

11 Feb 2019

Residual Income Opportunity of 2019 - Big Commission PAID DAILY! (Pueblo, CO)

Wanted: self-motivated sales professional willing to spend four hours per day prospecting for new business and another three to six hours per day following-up with clients and prospects. This job pays $3,000 to $6,000 residual per month for the first six months and then increases by $400 per month. After working this job for twelve months, you have a portfolio worth over $100,000, or you can continue receiving $10,000 per month indefinitely by working five hours per week to keep your customers happy.

Job Requirements:

#1 - You must walk into twenty businesses per working day where you have not yet met the owner.

#2 - Work starts no later than 9 a.m. and does not end until after 5 p.m.


Would you take this job? If you answered yes, YOU'RE HIRED! YOU START TOMORROW!

Each average merchant services sale can pay out $200 to $300 in up-front compensation and $30 to $40 per month in residuals to you. If you walk into twenty businesses every day five days per week, you will make ten to twenty sales per month. That is how the compensation numbers were designed.

Stop spending your days researching how to purchase the best lead list. It is a waste of time and an even bigger waste of money. Unless you have inbound leads from your own online presence, the leads will be highly overrated!

The best and quickest way to generate high quality leads is to get out in the field, walk into twenty businesses per day (which takes about three hours per day), and organize them into our CRM for two purposes. First of all, you want to establish a "Next Action Step" for each prospect you enter so you can effectively follow-up. Secondly, collect as many email addresses as possible and put them into a series of drip marketing campaigns that we will manage for you so you never lose contact completely. After twelve months of doing this, you will have well over 1,000 email subscribers and will spend your days talking to people you know are interested because of the way in which they interacted with your online presence. These are real leads!!!! And, as long as you are willing to put in the work, they are 100% free!

Have a great day in the field!

If interested, please attach resume or email details of your background for immediate consideration!

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