EntrepreneurX Internship

EntrepreneurX Internship

01 Sep 2023
Minnesota, Minneapolis / st paul, 55401 Minneapolis / st paul USA

EntrepreneurX Internship

Think you have entrepreneurial blood in your veins? The Everlight Solar EntrepreneurX Internship was constructed specifically for those with big ideas and goals to achieve. The EntrepreneurX Internship teaches fundamental skills you need to finally get that business idea off the ground. Over the course of 4 months, you'll work side-by-side with industry-leading sales professionals who dominate in their field. In order to maximize educational outcomes, this internship employs innovative pedagogical methods, utilizing a real-world sales position alongside rigorous academic learning and assignments which are implemented by the mentor through daily meetings, daily filmed feedback in group training-sessions, and weekly academic/positional outcome reviews and collaborative planning. The student's multi-disciplinary learning will cover relevant areas of marketing, business, psychology, neuroscience, and the social sciences. Emphasis will be placed on real-world application of learning. The Internship will provide exposure and involvement with the clean energy industry, state programs and federal initiatives. The Internship is a temporary assignment that will be completed over a continuous 12 to 16 week period.This is a paid Internship with robust academic requirements and rigorous education that provides students an opportunity to achieve critical learning outcomes while receiving equal and full pay, alongside our industry leading sales team.The EntrepreneurX Internship focuses on these key objectives:

Developing strong problem-solving skills via shadowing top company reps and actively attending company training sessions.

Acquiring key interpersonal (soft) skills such as effective non-verbal and para-verbal communication, negotiation, closing the sale, and overcoming customer objections.

Understanding business practices such as market analysis, KPI reporting, technology trends and interpreting gathered data to make informed business decisions.

Creating a network of industry professionals not only to serve as mentors but also to develop opportunities for continuing in the workforce post-graduation.

Personal development via participation in company book reviews, practicing mental discipline and striving to perform better tomorrow than today.

Prerequisites and Requirements:

Currently enrolled within a relevant accredited undergraduate or graduate program.

Minimum of one or more years of coursework towards a Bachelor Degree in relevant program.

Proficient with iOS and mobile software programs.

Excellent interpersonal, organizational, written, and verbal communication skills.

Capability of memorizing and comprehension of industry-critical information.

Self-Starter and flexibility to work varied hours.

Ability to locate for the extent of the internship

Legally authorized to be employed in the United States.

$60,000-$150,000/ year

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