Decon Tech (Helena)

Decon Tech (Helena)

02 May 2020

Decon Tech (Helena)

We are seeking a Decontamination Technician to join our team providing Critical Care Decontamination System support at various healthcare facilities across the US.

Following Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), our team, will provide support for deployed systems to decontaminate Personal Protection Equipment, specifically N95 masks, and will be deployed with a 24/7 operating schedule.


Responsibilities include: load and unload of decontamination chamber, ensure item accountability and chain of custody completed, operate and maintain equipment, receive, store, and track supplies, ensure all operations are conducted safely. Team members shall wear appropriate PPE and conduct personal temperature check daily. Recording of time worked is required.

Basic operation of the system includes:

Receiving the contaminated PPE from hospitals (double bagged and contained in a rigid box)

Donning PPE and transporting the boxes to the decontamination chamber

Tracking inventory of PPE

Placing PPE into the decontamination chamber on racks

Removing PPE from the chamber after it is exposed to hydrogen peroxide vapor and aerated, tagging, documenting, and packaging it for delivery back to the hospital

This will be a non-exempt position, with a base hourly pay rate. There will be opportunities for overtime and shift differential.


1. Ability to follow a standardized process; system operation including the packing and unpacking of PPE to be processed; inventory tracking

2. Physical capability to work a full day in PPE performing active physical labor (lift 50+ lbs)

3. Ability to pass a Medical Clearance

4. Ability to adhere to and wear PPE as required: PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator), Scrubs, Gloves, Shoe Covers, Aprons. Must be clean shaven if required to wear an N95 mask.

5. Ability to work extended shifts


1. Air Purifying Respirator (WBT ESHQHS-100SWBT) (1 hr)

2. PAPR Video (WBT ESHQHS-338WBT) (0.25 hr)

3. BloodBourne Pathogens (WBT ESHQEP-200) (1 hr)

4. Personal Protective Equipment (WBT ESHQBCO-0017) (0.25 hr)

5. Hazard Communication (WBT ESHQBCO-0014) (0.5 hr)

6. Fire Extinguisher Awareness (WBT ESHQHS-141) (0.75 hrs)

7. DOT Hazmat Shipping Training – Infectious Waste, Li-Ion Batteries (1.5 hrs)

8. Review of SARS-CoV-2 fact sheet (FACT-100) (Signature Only)

Onsite training will be provided on how to operate and set up the system at the site.


All candidates will be required to travel to Columbus, OH for a three day training. They will then need to travel from there to the respected locations that they will be supporting. Must be open to traveling.

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