Customer-Representatives: start-immediately (Loveland, Mason, Milford)

Customer-Representatives: start-immediately (Loveland, Mason, Milford)

12 Apr 2019

Customer-Representatives: start-immediately (Loveland, Mason, Milford)

Vacancy expired!

We are currently running interviews for customer sales and service. If accepted, talk to a manager about working in a location closest to you.

What openings are available?

Primary responsibilities include working with customers, answering questions, and writing up orders. The starting pay is $15 base appt and its not based on sales or results (cond. exist). Prior experience is not required. We believe in building our people from the ground up and simultaneously allowing them to expand on their natural abilities in order launch them into a successful career. There is no cost to start working and there isnt any random telemarketing.

What schedules are available?

Since we work with a lot of students, our schedules are flexible around other jobs, internships, classes, and summer vacations. Start part time now with the option to work more hours during your summer break. If accepted, talk to the manager about your ideal schedule.

What do you look for in an applicant?

We are looking for people who enjoy working with others, eager to learn, and have a great attitude. Although prior experience isnt required having experience as a server, golf caddy, cashier, hostess, salon receptionists, fast food worker, call center operator, or retail associate is a plus.

How do I interview?

We are currently running interviews on 1st applied, 1st considered basis

Click Here to Apply Online TODAY

A receptionist will send you a text to set you up with a meeting with the manager.

Good luck!

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