National Park Service – HPTC Internship – Andrew Johnson NHS (Greeneville, TN)

National Park Service – HPTC Internship – Andrew Johnson NHS (Greeneville, TN)

03 Apr 2020

National Park Service – HPTC Internship – Andrew Johnson NHS (Greeneville, TN)

Vacancy expired!

Length: Term of position is 26 weeks; full-time 40 hrs/wk

Location: Greeneville, TN. Housing will not be provided. Local applicants are encouraged to apply.

Living Allowance: $550/week

AmeriCorps Award: This position is eligible for an AmeriCorps education award upon successful completion of the program.¯ Value of education award is $2,960 (pre-tax).

Start Date: May 13th, 2019

Application Due Date: Accepted until position filled, priority given to applications received by 4/30/2019

Position Details:

The National Park Service and Historic Preservation Training Center (HPTC) are seeking two interns (Stewards) to assist in preservation work at Andrew Johnson National Historic Site in Greeneville, TN. The Stewards will have an opportunity to learn about all the aspects of facility management and historic preservation to include assisting the division with wood maintenance and preservation, restoration of aging wooden shutters and guttering, metal preservation, treatment of historic masonry and many other resource management projects. The students will also be trained in repointing mortar joints in historic masonry buildings, preserving historic wooden porches and many other treatments for historic buildings.

The highest priority in the parks historic resource management is the identification and treatment of wood rot on the historic homes. Secondarily, all of the historic wooden shutters and wooden double-hung windows need to be removed, rehabilitated, treated and re-installed. Other areas of concern include work on the doors and railings, and deteriorating masonry joints. The interns will be actively engaged in the entire process of rehabilitation and preservation of the Homestead, Early Home, cemetery lodge and stables.

The Stewards will assist and learn skills in the maintenance, stabilization, restoration, repair, and preservation of historic buildings. Stewards will receive excellent exposure to the National Park Service, the preservation career field, as well as historic resource stewardship in general. Additionally, Stewards will be providing much needed and appreciated assistance to the National Park Service.

The physical effort required is considered moderate to heavy and requires occasional lifting or handling of objects or materials over 75 lbs., while using the proper lifting procedures to avoid injury. Applicants must frequently stand while working, climb ladders, and work from scaffolding or platforms, and crawl beneath buildings. He/she is required to bend, kneel, climb, and walk while performing the work in all manners of environmental conditions such as snow, mud, heat and rain.

Andrew Johnson National Historic Site personnel will provide day-to-day mentoring as part of the project. Specific skills and knowledge acquired include: preservation awareness, documentation and practice related to finish carpentry and historic masonry; applicable OSHA safety requirements; jobsite mobilization; and scaffold erection.


-Commitment “ Stewards must make a strong commitment to complete all aspects of the program including environmental service projects, professional development, education training and other community activities that may arise.

-Safety “ You will be expected to take a serious attitude toward safety all day and every day.

-Substance Free “ In accordance to a drug free workplace, alcohol, tobacco and drugs are prohibited while participating in any Stewards or Stewards partner activities.

-Citizenship “ Stewards must be a United States Citizen or Permanent Resident

-Criminal History “ Stewards must pass a criminal history check as prescribed by the Serve America Act.

-Other “ basic carpentry knowledge, skills, and abilities. Knowledge/education related to the field of historic preservation would be helpful, but is not required.

-Must be 19 years or older

How to Apply:

Apply online at:

please upload current resume when you apply

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