02 Nov 2022
Texas, Dallas / fort worth, 75201 Dallas / fort worth USA


Dallas TX
Rate : $50/Hr
CTS / Confidential - Travel & Hospitality

Java Development, Selenium, Agile

Required skills:

Programming 4+ years of experience with Java, JavaScript.

Writing unit/functional tests around business logic



1. Databases:- any one DBMS like MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL

2. Server-side frameworks:- for eg., for Java, good to know Spring Boot and for JavaScript, good to be aware of Node.js

Virtualization & Data stubbing:

1. Docker

2. Wiremock

Automated Testing:

1. Service - any one API validation framework like RestAssured/Serenity

2. UI (optional) - any one UI testing framework for either Java (Selenium) or JavaScript (Cypress) applications

3. Automation framework for testing microservices contract & integration testing.

4. General awareness of best automated testing practices and the test pyramid

a. BDD, TDD, test isolation, test parallelization (when do we need it, when do we don't)

b. Test data management


1. CI/Jenkins

o How to configure a Jenkins job

o Build triggers

2. Deployment management


SAFe Agile


Preferred Skills:


1. Framework - any one like Angular or React (this is just a library but if you know one you can do the other)

o What are components, pipes, modules, parent-child hierarchies?


Cloud Experience:

Different cloud services and how to access and use them (taking AWS for eg., SQS, SNS, S3, RDS)

General concepts like availability zones, regions, EC2, K8s

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