Caregiver needed ASAP! (EL Serino)

Caregiver needed ASAP! (EL Serino)

02 Jun 2020

Caregiver needed ASAP! (EL Serino)

Hello my name is Jaklin, I am a quadriplegic and my daily routine would be helping me

Switch sides in the morning,

Getting out of bed,

Using a suppository to be able to go to the bathroom and I need my caregivers help to put it in my butt because I do not have finger movement.

Taking a shower

Cooking, cleaning and organizing things around the house while I am still laying in bed. Things like sweeping ,dusting,mopping, and letting my dog Sam out to use the bathroom.

After I get up I transfer myself into a shower chair, then I use the restroom for about 45 minutes and then I get rolled into the shower and we take a shower together and then when we're done we come over to the bed and I transfer myself back into bed and then I need help getting dressed.

This is usually the first hour and a half to three hours of the day which starts at 7 AM and I need help from 7 AM until 2 PM M-F. After I'm in my wheelchair I need help making breakfast and making a lunch or dinner so that I have something to eat later on in the day. There are different errands that I need to run whether it's going to the grocery store, hardware store, the cleaners, target to different places around my neighborhood and my studio in south la. I have my own vehicle that you can drive while you're here so you do not have to spend your gas to run my errands. There are so many different little things that I also need help with things like organizing things in my house and making me tease that I have recipes for on a regular basis and watering my grass and watering my air plants and making sure my dog has food. In the morning. I am recently looking for somebody because I no longer have my caregiver that I've had for 3 years. So it's really hard to pick up the pieces and trying to find somebody new but I need the help and I hope there's somebody out there that can help me. Please let me know.

The job is from 7 AM to 2 PM every day Monday through Friday I live in El Sereno and I'm willing to pay $15-$20 an hour. And I like to travel and I have a lot of international opportunities and would love somebody to be able to travel with me to those places because I pay for all the expenses and your time that you normally get paid and I go on trips to different states and different countries and would love somebody to be willing to be able to want to do that.

Pay $15-$20

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