Organized, Detailed, Friendly Housekeeper Needed for Family of 4 in Chatsworth!

Organized, Detailed, Friendly Housekeeper Needed for Family of 4 in Chatsworth!

14 Aug 2021
California, Los angeles, 90001 Los angeles USA

Organized, Detailed, Friendly Housekeeper Needed for Family of 4 in Chatsworth!

Schedule: 2 days a week (can be flexible but prefer Mon & Thurs) 9am - 1pm

Compensation: $25/hour cash and we will offer 2 paid sick days

Must be willing to wear a mask

Hello! We are looking for someone who can help keep our home clean and organized. We are a family of 4 with 2 young children and one dog. There are 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and only 2 of the bedrooms are used regularly. We are a happy easy going family and would like to meet someone with a cheerful, peaceful personality. :)

Ideally we would like to find someone who enjoys being tidy, is an expert cleaner, great with organizing and is very detailed (notices when flowers are dead and should be thrown out, cleans underneath the couch cushions, gets spider webs in corners, etc). Must have a true knowledge of household cleaning products and know how and where to use them. We like to use more natural cleaning products that make the house smell good but are okay with Lysol or Clorox for the heavier duty cleaning.

Being organized is really important to us but we need a lot of help implementing the systems throughout our house. We are open to someone who knows how to be organized and is willing to come and organize all areas of our house. If you see something that should be thrown out or put somewhere else, please do it! This would make us so happy! ????

For example: If the linen closet is getting messy we appreciate someone who knows how to make it organized (folding towels and blankets all the same, putting away in appropriate places). We like to keep the refrigerators clean and organized as well.

Specific duties:

Weekly Laundry for household (clothes, towels, linens)

Changing bed sheets weekly

Hanging clean towels in bathroom

Restocking toilet paper and paper towels

Vacuuming and mopping the floors (bona mop)

Vacuuming couches

Wiping down the dining room chairs

Cleaning kitchen (oven, toaster)

Loading and unloading dishwasher

Cleaning bathrooms

Cleaning air vents

Cleaning dog food and water bowls

Emptying trash cans

Keeping order and organization in the house (very important to us)

Make sure linen closet is organized

Make sure refrigerator is organized

Make sure house is tidy and miscellaneous items are picked up/put away

Deep clean once a month (washing windows, washing some walls, deep cleaning refrigerators- one in house and one in garage)

These duties can be spread out between the 2 days.

Both days will need to include vacuuming the floors and cleaning/refreshing the bathrooms.

Must have excellent verifiable references! Thank you!

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