Customer Service Manager or Asst. Customer Service Manager FT (Red Bank / Little Silver)

Customer Service Manager or Asst. Customer Service Manager FT (Red Bank / Little Silver)

13 Jul 2020

Customer Service Manager or Asst. Customer Service Manager FT (Red Bank / Little Silver)

Sickles Market wants to ensure that all of our customers are receiving the best shopping experience each time they walk into our store. The Customer Service Manager or Asst. Customer Service Manager is an integral part of the Sickles Market experience. As a Customer Service Manager, your passion for assisting others and solving customer issues will help the smoother operations inside your store. The following are role and responsibilities of the Customer Service Manager position:

Department Responsibilities

Develop and implement customer service policies and procedures that support company-wide strategic goals.

Oversee all compliment/compliant documentation including recording and tracking resolutions

Ensure that customers and teams are appropriately educated about products and services working with Marketing, Demo, and other departments as necessary.

Create positive customer relationships by proactively managing customer interactions using tact, courtesy, patience and diplomacy.

Perform tasks essential to daily operations such as scheduling, staffing, and continuous training and development on Sickles Market Customer Service procedures.

Gather and summarize critical customer feedback to Management.

Ensure that product recommendations and criticisms from customers and staff are distributed to the Department Managers, General Manager and Upper Management as appropriate.

Ensure that accounting and financial information is entered accurately.

Work closely with Department Managers and the Marketing Team to ensure that signs and sales information is accurate to help promote our wonderful products and amazing deals & promotions.

Lead by example and perform all tasks expected of team members such as answering customer inquiries, processing returns, resolving problems and receiving donation applications.

Provide direction and professional leadership to all team members by maintaining open lines of communication and treating all employees with care and respect.

Assign and delegate tasks, ensure daily operations are fully executed, and manage productivity of team members.

Provides leadership through effective goal setting, delegation, and communication. Ensures that personnel are well informed of policies and procedures. Discusses service areas needing improvement.

Ensure accuracy of all transactions performed and reports generated by Customer Service staff

Manage employee performance and provide ongoing feedback to train, cross-train and develop team members.

Possess a knowledge of business and holiday trends to adjust staffing needs.

General Responsibilities

Proactively engage customers, promote product and sales, build customer relationships, and provide outstanding customer service that encourage customer loyalty and add value to the Sickles brand

Work collaboratively with fellow employees and managers and recognize teamwork throughout the store to resolve conflicts respectfully and in a timely manner.

Adhere to all department-related and company-related work rules and policies while upholding Sickles’ core values of integrity, respect and excellence

Recognize and seek opportunities for continuous learning and supply feedback to management to help improve operations. Attend all required training.

Strong teamwork and ability to recognize and welcome differences among people and resolve conflicts respectfully and in a timely manner

Experience Required:

At least five years of customer service experience and two years of supervisory experience.

Excellent interpersonal skills and proactive approach to customer service

Experience in using Microsoft Office & POS programs

Organizational, multitasking and time management skills and ability to prioritize requests and department activities

Problem-solving skills to effectively assist customers in a wide range of different transactions

Effective communication skills and ability to read, write and comprehend English

Availability to work weekends, holidays, and other prime times of the business

Work Environment & Physical Demands

Continuous interaction with customers and coworkers in a fast-paced work environment

Exposure to various food allergens throughout the store

Frequent motions such as standing, walking, kneeling, squatting, bending, lifting, and reaching

Lifting up to 25lbs.

Standing and walking for 4-6 hours at a time

Please send resume or see store website for application. We are looking to fill positions at both locations.

Team Member Benefits Available include:

Employee discount


Health and dental insurance

Everyone at Sickles is passionate about sharing quality,

passionate about customer service, passionate about

supporting team goals and fellow team members, and

passionate about their own continuing career development.

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