02 May 2020


Vacancy expired!

Are you ready to step it up and work for an organization that appreciates your skills, in an environment that has been called the most beautiful restaurant in Michigan? Salt Springs Brewery will deliver on this and more. We're offering you the opportunity to work in a professional environment where you matter and will work alongside staff that is friendly and genuinely cares about what they do and how they do it.

The best part of working at Salt Springs is that you're not locked in the cellar working under artificial lighting. Our kitchen is open to the dining room that is filled with huge stained glass panels where you get to see all of the action.

Here's what you have to look forward to :

- $11 to $14 / hr based on the skills you bring.

- $100 bonus after 4 continuous weeks of great work!

- FREE parking. Located 15 minutes south of Ann Arbor. Saves you $/year!

- FREE shift meals and NA beverages. That's worth over $4000/year!

- $1 adult beverage after your shift. Great discounts on adult beverages after that.

- Discounts on food and drink when you come in with friends or family.

- Open view of all of the activity on the main floor. Sunshine on your face!

- Friendly staff, managers and owners that actually care!

- Respect and Gratitude!

- A super easy 15 minute drive from Ann Arbor!

Here's what we're asking of you :

- Full time preferred, part time appreciated.

- Skills, talent, and a passion for success!

- Work clean and work with a purpose.

- Enjoy working in a fast paced environment.

- Be organized, think ahead, plan your work. Work as a team!

- Work with fresh food products to make delicious recipes.

- Take pride in yourself and your work.

- Weekends are required. We're closed on Monday.

- Respect and gratitude! (seems only fair, eh?)

We look forward to hearing from you today. Respond to this ad or drop in and ask to speak with the GM or Head Chef. We're ready to hire you TODAY and show you what it means to work for an organization that actually cares about YOU! Think I'm kidding? My head dish guy has worked for us for over 2 years,, Bar manager since the day we opened 3 1/2 years ago. At Salt Springs, we mean business. Do you

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